Cybertherapy for anyone – anywhere, anytime Great news for depressed people – internet-based therapy is as successful as face-to-face treatment at combating depression, and it works better than drug therapy. A study that psychiatrist Gavin Andrews from the University of New South Wales did, found thatInternet treatment required less than two hours compared to an average 12-15 hours of treatment with […]

Simple Ways to Improve The Way You Feel

Try one or two of these strategies today Doing something about depression and anxiety can seem impossible. If we have physical pain, we know what to do – go to the doctor, find out what the problem is, treat it and take painkillers. When we have emotional pain, there is no well-known path of treatment. […]

A Few Things To Check Before Taking Antidepressants

Ways to treat depression without medication Do you really believe that medication can solve your mental and emotional difficulties? You may have been told your depression is due to a ‘chemical imbalance in your brain’ which needs to be treated with prescription medication. As the saying goes: “healthy body, healthy mind”. Dealing with physical health issues […]