People Who Have Survived ‘Incurable’ Cancer

Bone cancer, Melanoma and Mesothelioma Most people accept that some cancers significantly shorten lives and medical treatment might offer more time before they die. Today I want to tell you about real people who have survived from cancers that in most people’s minds mean certain death. Firstly, these survivors did not accept their prognosis, and searched for […]

Just Been Diagnosed with Cancer?

Find effective treatments people are successfully using If you have been diagnosed with cancer, no doubt you are experiencing fear, a sense of urgency, confusion, medical advice, and lots of people telling you lots of different things. It is surely an horrific, stressful time when no one has all the answers for you. Piece by piece, you start paving your way to a […]

Protect Children from Learning & Behavioural Problems – and Cancer

Learning and Behavioural Disorders, plus some Cancers are Environmentally Caused ADHD, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Dyslexia and PDDNOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) are being proven by researchers all over the world to stem from the environment. Toxins interrupt the healthy development of children, diminish quality of life, reduce academic achievement and […]