Nyema Hermiston RN ND Adv Dip Hom BSc Hons

If you reached this page looking for information about a particular illness, you will find one or more stories about your condition in the book Good News for People with Bad News

In my 30+ years career as a registered nurse and natural therapist I’ve sought to find out what makes the difference between seriously ill people who survive and those who don’t. It turns out that there is some science to what people who survive against the odds generally do. They open themselves up to a range of possibilities, seek new information and use a range of different therapies from one or more practitioners, with or without standard medical treatment.

I interviewed dozens of people from 7 different countries who successfully used a range of different therapies to recover and published 49 of their stories. They wanted to tell their story to help others who might be in the situation they were once in. Without exception they were so generous in agreeing to reveal their stories. I am thrilled and privileged to help bring these stories to light – stories that show how treatment options exist for many serious and life-threatening conditions that are believed to be ‘incurable’, and recovery impossible. These wonderful story-tellers did not believe that their situation was hopeless, and dared to look beyond the treatments that they were being offered.

A devastating diagnosis is overwhelming. At this time there is little energy to investigate alternative treatment options other than their doctor’s recommendations. In Good News, there is a lot of information for newly diagnosed people to learn about from those who have walked a different path, about a range of illnesses that responded well to innovative therapies. The stories show how many effective medical, nutritional and natural therapies there are out there. When you see people surviving illnesses like pancreatic cancer, you know there must be something worth knowing about here.


We are not educated to believe lesser-known approaches can achieve what standard medical treatment cannot, but there really are many scientifically-proven therapies available the public is not informed of, meaning that there are more treatment options available than you might know about. My core message is to encourage people to take control of their treatment and investigate other avenues, especially if their current treatment is not working. This is what Doctor Halsted Holman says in his research:

“To properly treat illness, the cause has to be found, different treatment approaches used, the patient must manage their own treatment and to achieve the best outcome for the patient, health professionals need to share their knowledge (and divide authority.”

Too many people are suffering for the want of better treatment. Worse, it is a well established fact that thousands of people around the world die every day because of their medical treatment. It’s time for the public to ask doctors for different treatment. Sick people have more incentive to look for new, potentially helpful treatments, and can educate their doctors about what they have discovered.

Medications, radiation and surgery are not the only path to recovery. Integrative doctors offer traditional and complementary medicine treatments, and so integrative medicine is rapidly becoming more popular. Illnesses can be complex, and more than one treatment is often needed. Good News is designed to help people look further for potentially helpful treatments. A single treatment may not provide the result you need.

People who reach out to a variety of treatments are the ones who are most likely to recover. It doesn’t take long to discover scientifically proven treatments you never heard of. Good News for People with Bad News helps you start your search.

Nyema’s interview with Hay House about her experience of writing Good News.


Hard copies of Good News for People with Bad News are available here.