Module 1 About Nyema
Unit 1 Passion for Naturopathy
Unit 2 Specialities
Unit 3 Assessment Techniques
Unit 4 Ear Infection Assessment
Unit 5 Background to writing book
Unit 6 How we work with your Dr
Unit 7 Working with GPs
Module 2 Chronic Ear Infections
Unit 1 Holistic Health
Unit 2 Developing a Treatment
Unit 3 Treatment Options
Unit 4 Successful Ear Infection Treatment
Unit 5 Successfull Ear Infection Treatment variation on 10
Unit 6 Childhood Ear Infections
Unit 7 Clinical Experience
Unit 8 Ear Infection Symptoms
Unit 9 Home Treatment Ear Aches
Unit 10 Assessing Chronic Ear Conditions
Unit 11 Why Reccurance of Ear Infections
Unit 12 Leaving Ear Infection Untreated
Unit 13 Antibiotic Treadmill
Unit 14 Restoring Gut Flora Post-Antibiotics
Unit 15 Rebuilding Immunity with Diet
Unit 16 Scenario Ear Infection
Unit 17 When to go to hospital
Unit 18 Success Story
Unit 19 Symptoms Fever
Unit 20 Symptoms Pain
Unit 21 Causes of Ear Aches
Unit 22 Assessing a Child
Unit 23 Nutritional Deficency
Unit 24 Nutritional Deficency TY
Unit 25 Pitfalls TY Natural Therapies
Unit 26 Pitfalls TY Natural Therapies Take 2
Unit 27 Food sensitivities
Unit 28 Food Sensitivities Success
Unit 29 Large Tonsils & Adenoids
Unit 30 Large Tonsils & Adenoids TY
Unit 31 LTA Success Story
Unit 32 Immune Deficiency & Gut Health
Unit 33 Immune Deficiency & Gut Health TY
Unit 34 Immune Deficiency and Gut Health When To Get Professional Help
Unit 35 Immune Deficiency and Gut Health Improvement Timeline
Unit 36 Immune Deficiency and Gut Health Success Stories
Unit 37 Benefits of Natural Therapies Childhood Infections
Module 3 Module 3
Unit 1 Working Together
Unit 2 Writing Passion.
Unit 3 Success Story
Unit 4 Treat Yourself Website
Unit 5 Child Physical Exam
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