Bone cancer, Melanoma and Mesothelioma

Believe it or not, some people survive cancers that in most people’s minds, mean certain death. This usually occurs – not easily or quickly, but due to a number of approaches over time, that these brave people used.

Firstly, they did not accept their prognosis, and searched for helpful treatments. They used a range of therapies that they found helped, which always includes diet and nutritional therapies. The strategy that these patients adopt is one that creates an environment where cancer cells are unable to survive.

  1. Paul Kraus was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 1997 and is the longest surviving person in the world who has recovered from this often deadly disease. 

Paul has also survived metastatic prostate cancer and brain cancer. He wrote a best-selling book, ‘Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers’. You can hear him briefly describe his experience on YouTube 

Paul has almost 20 years of experience of cancer treatments behind him and offers anyone with mesothelioma and other cancers an abundance of knowledge – and hope that it is possible to survive it.

2. Barry Thomson recorded his survival from his first cancer, stage 4 melanoma, without using drugs or chemotherapy, in Escape From Death Row – Cancer Jail. Easy to read, it is aimed at anyone who is willing to find out more. After recovering from melanoma, he developed bowel cancer, and cured himself of that as well. His book Defeat Cancer – Like I Did Twice  describes his recoveries in detail. His books include information on a wide range of cancer therapies he discovered while he was researching his own treatment.

3. In 1975, Doctor Ian Gawler, as a young veterinarian and decathlon athlete, developed bone cancer, resulting in a right leg amputation. Soon after his amputation, Ian’s osteosarcoma returned and he became close to death. After his recovery, Ian founded Australia’s first lifestyle based, cancer self-help and support program in 1981. He wrote what is now the classic ‘You Can Conquer Cancer’ He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to the community in 1987.

Meditation is a big component of Ian’s healing work. You can see Ian’s work at The Gawler Foundation website. Ian kindly wrote the forward to my book, Good News for People with Bad News which contains more cancer survival stories.

These stories confirm that it is within an individual’s capability to overcome serious and advanced cancers. The links in this post will lead you to more cancer survival stories from people who are prepared to walk a challenging and less well trodden path. With quality guidance and professional support, these people have beaten the cancer odds.