Chronic fatigue syndrome is a set of definable, agreed symptoms. There’s a whole list of them. The main ones are you’ve had these symptoms for at least six months, which is:

  • Unrefreshing sleep. You might sleep normally, but you wake up and feel like you haven’t slept. So you’re chronically tired.
  • Brain fog, which means confusion, sometimes dizziness.
  • Muscle pain, worse after any exertion.

Those are the big three things that you need. There’s a whole raft of smaller symptoms that some might have some might not have. You could have fibromyalgia, there could be Irritable Bowel Syndrom with the CFS. There’s a whole lot of other things like that as well.

What is NOT Chronic Fatigue Sydnrome

It’s not chronic fatigue if you don’t have the list of agreed defined symptoms. Everybody has fatigue some time. It’s a normal thing in our modern busy life. But if you don’t have the muscle pain and you don’t have the brain fog, you just chronically fatigued because you can’t sleep properly, or there’s some other reason. It’s not chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s just chronic fatigue.