A Public Health Epidemic

More than 4.5 million people in the United States are suspected to be infected with hepatitis C, and more than 200 million around the world – making it one of the greatest public health epidemics of our time. Liver failure caused by cirrhosis due to hepatitis C is a leading reason for liver transplantation.

The identification of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in 1989 solved a growing mystery. In the 1980s, increasing numbers of hepatitis victims  tested negative for both hepatitis A and B, so were diagnosed with ‘non-A, non-B hepatitis’. After a test was developed in 1990, hepatitis C was found to be responsible for most cases.

Many people unknowingly have this virus, because the symptoms of liver disease don’t appear until several decades after infection occurred, making HCV infection a ‘silent epidemic’. If you’re one of the lucky 25 per cent, the virus will disappear without treatment and you may never know you had it. The other 75 per cent progress to chronic HCV infection and may develop hepatic fibrosis, cirrhosis or liver cancer. Source: Everett Coop Institute

Standard medical treatment for HCV is with interferon, which stimulates the immune system by encouraging killer T cells to attack the virus. The side effects of interferon include flu-like symptoms, nausea, diarrhoea, depression, mood changes and anxiety.

Natural Treatment

As often is the case, there is an effective, safer treatment alternative for HCV. Many sufferers are now living healthy lives

after being treated with Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – a naturally occurring nutrient in the body. Case studies show that lipoic acid can be successfully used for liver disease. Alpha Lipoic Acid in Liver Metabolism and Disease.Doctor Burt Berkson, of the Integrative Medicine Centre in Las Cruces New Mexico, is a highly qualified physician who has pioneered the use of ALA in treatment programmes that combine conventional medicine, vitamin and herbal supplements, nutrition, healthy lifestyle practices, and ALA. He uses a ‘triple antioxidant’ approach to the treatment of hepatitis C and has achieved miraculous results with a therapy involving three antioxidants; Lipoic Acid, Silymarin (the herb Milk Thistle) and Selenium. He has treated thousands of patients with severe liver disease and helped them to avoid the need for liver transplants. Three of his successfully treated patients appear in Good News for People with Bad News.Doctor Berkson has authored The Alpha Lipoid Acid Breakthrough where he describes in simple, easy to understand language the action of ALA and other nutrients. Patients with liver disease from any cause, could benefit from knowing about ALA. Integrative doctors around the world use it, so it is accessible to most people who need it. If you can’t access such a doctor, you can start a nutrient regime yourself, based on information from the links here, until you find a health professional. You can check your ”before and after’ blood results so you know if the supplements you are taking are making a difference.Until next time,Nyema  

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